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Salle: Chapelle de Gstaad

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Aaron Pilsan, révélation Number 1 aux Sommets musicaux

Intelligemment agencé et particulièrement convaincant, le récital du jeune pianiste a été récompensé pour son interprétation de l'œuvre de Camille Pépin.

L’Âme ravélienne de Ryutaro Suzuki

Le premier des jeunes talents présents aux Sommets musicaux 2016 crée L’Étude jazz de Thierry Escaich et séduit la Chapelle de Gstaad. 

Mariella und Magdalena Haubs eröffnen in Gstaad mit Hosokawas Lied IV

Ein Münchener Schwesternpaar eröffnet den jungen Reigen junger Talente bei den Sommets Musicaux.

Russian Romantics from harpist Alexander Boldachev

Alexander Boldachev gives a highly entertaining exploration of Russian music, by way of a battery of harp effects, several of his own devising.

Agné Keblyté in Gstaad

It’s not common to see a full hour of solo harp music, incorporating music of many types from late Baroque to the 21st century. It has left me far better educated as to the breadth of which this instrument is capable.

Duo Sulkhanishvili at Gstaad Chapel

Should the performer’s looks and gestures matter, or should purist listeners shut their eyes and use only their ears? In the case of today’s Gstaad chapel piano-four-hands recital by Ani and Nia Sulkhanishvili, there was no question that what you saw formed part of the show.

Piano duo Yoo and Kim at Gstaad

Question: what’s the connection between South Korea and 19th-century Bohemia? Answer: I have no idea, but there clearly is one, since Korean pianists Jaekyung Yoo and Yoon-Jee Kim play Smetana and Dvořák’s music as if they ingested it with their mothers’ milk.

Piano four hands Getallo & Andreev

Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad's opening concert for young musicians featured the Russian duo Getallo and Andreev who showed formidable technique but only came to life in the Rubinstein Piano Sonata.