The venue of this concert is outstanding. The style of the building is amazingly modern and has a breathtaking view of the canal from the restaurant. Outside is basically made of glass and inside there is lots of art and sculptures. The wood furnishing of concert hall one is so sleek. My dad met a carpenter who worked on it and he said it was made out of one large Bavarian Oak.

The Greenwich Trio’s performance in the Archduke is stunning. The cellist particularly to my mind played superbly in the Archduke and all the other pieces that they performed. I was amazed when I was told he was the last student of Rostropovich. I liked his stunningly rich tone and his dramatic playing. The Greenwich Trio play the Archduke a thousand times better than any recording I have ever heard! As excellent as this performance was my favourite above any other piece that they played was the Mozart’s Piano Trio No. 6 in G Major K564. I liked this piece because how they played the the third movement made it come alive. It was like it was bouncing off the instruments and hitting the audience with joy. The Shostakovich was a really fantastic performance. The composer would have just loved how they played it. I was beginning to get a bit tired as it was past my bed time but this piece made me sit up in my seat! The cellist opened the piece with brilliant, I mean brilliant harmonics. It was a very exciting piece. At one point towards the end the music was a bit mad with the cellist strumming his cello like a guitar and the violinist plucking her strings and the pianist playing a frantic tune.

A brilliant five star performance from the Greenwich Trio!!!

Harry Robinson, aged 8

Harry attended a concert at Kings Place on 18th April 2010 and heard The Greenwich Trio perform Beethoven's Piano Trio no. 7 in B flat major "Archduke", Op.97, Mozart's Piano Trio no. 6 in G major, K564 and Shostakovich's Piano Trio no. 2 in E minor, Op.67