Instrument: String quartet

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KrakowThe Philharmonia Quartet Berlin

Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann
Philharmonia Quartett Berlin; Daniel Stabrawa; Christian Stadelmann; Neithard Resa

AmsterdamDoric Quartet plays Schubert and Mozart

Britten, Mozart, Schubert
Doric String Quartet

LondonVivaldi's Four Seasons by candlelight | London Musical Arts Ensemble

Mozart, Pachelbel, Bach, Vivaldi
London Musical Arts Ensemble; John Landor; Gildas Quartet

LondonProms at … Cadogan Hall, PCM 8

Schubert: String Quintet in C major, D.956
Elias String Quartet; Alice Neary

LondonTippett Quartet & Emma Abbate

Haydn, Schumann, Dvořák
Tippett Quartet; Emma Abbate

RavelloMendelssohn String Quartet IV/4

Mendelssohn String Quartet

LondonZelkova Quartet

Haydn, Beethoven, Debussy
Zelkova Quartet
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Collaboration in action at Cadogan Hall

An exploration of expression within controlled structure from Van Wauwe and the Quatuor Van Kuijk, in passionate Webern, tense Durupt and spirited Mozart.
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Brahms at altitude at the Verbier Festival

A Finale of scorching changeability and complexity, with a coda whose ferocity drew gasps.
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At Tanglewood, a weak contextualization of Shostakovich

Linking Shostakovich and Chekhov, a full of good intentions performance at Tanglewood, was marred by a shaky mise en scène.
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The Escher Quartet in the bucolic Catskill Mountains

For their performance in the barn-like structure, the Eschers proposed several remakable pieces not standardly performed.
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A quartet made for Shostakovich

The American Pacifica Quartet was convincingly introduced to Aussie Nigel Westlake's Second Quartet for their Down Under tour; but revealed its essence in the theatre of Shostakovich.
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Bracing Bartók and Beethoven from the Juilliard String Quartet at Ravinia

A broken string near the beginning of the “Große Fuge” was emblematic of the intensity the Juilliard String Quartet gave to their performances of Beethoven and Bartók.
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From minor keys to major delight

The programme ended with a sense of affirmation that shouted "that's how the Ravel quartet should go!"
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