Here is a spreadsheet with the raw data from the 2010 league tables. Please see the copyright notice included in the file for permissions: use this data at your own risk, and if you publish anything based on it, we ask you to attribute the source. The data is in a single table, allowing you to do your own summaries. Each row in the table has the following:

  • The composer name
  • The composer's date of birth
  • The start of the decade of the composer's year of birth
  • The period as classified in the Bachtrack database
  • The country in which the concert took place (so you can do Germany-only if you want)
  • The "detail id", which is simply a unique identifier for each row
  • The "event id", which is a unique identifier for the concert
If you're feeling particularly strong, the combination of detail and event ids will allow you to analyse how different works are clustered together in the same concert. For example, you could answer questions of the form "which is the work most commonly paired with Beethoven's Symphony no. 7" or "how many concerts contain one modern work in a programme otherwise composed entirely of romantic music".

Happy data hacking...