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Opera Prelude: Accidents in Opera

Cadogan Hall5 Sloane Terrace, London, Greater London, SW1X 9DQ, United Kingdom
On Tuesday 8 May 2018 at 10:30

Accidents in Opera:The mishaps, mayhem and misfortune of productions, singers and theatres.

Alex Haigh (tenor), accompanied by Natalie Burch (piano)

8th May 2018 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Opera: the most complete art form, and (most of the time) a stunning blend of music, stagecraft, lighting and passion – but what happens when it all goes wrong and most of which go unnoticed by the audience?.

Tenor Alex Haigh will explore just what happens when the worst occurs in this morning’s lecture, covering the humble cracked voice, destruction of sets by enraged singers and even inebriated musicians playing the wrong opera in the second act!

Join Alex on a romp through some of the lowest moments in opera’s history, safe in the knowledge that even when the scenery collapses, the diva is ill and the maestro is asleep, the music ultimately wins the day!

Opera Prelude is a small charity passionate about supporting young professional opera singers who give lecture recitals in London.  These friendly and inclusive events will introduce you to the international opera singers of tomorrow by way of recitals, concerts and masterclasses.

£30 Booking information and further details from Fiona Hamilton on 0207 183 7323.Email  Website:


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