This morning’s email inbox sent out a cold chill with the news of the untimely death last week of Thierry Scherz, co-founder and artistic director of the festival Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, which I’ve had the honour and joy of attending and reviewing for the last three years.

The biggest shock, apart from the obvious fact of Thierry being far too young to die, is that whenever I saw him, he was so very much alive – a man doing a hundred things at once. He combined impeccable charm and manners with being a superb organiser and, of course, immense love and knowledge of music and musicians. A typical conversation with Thierry would span the finer points of Bach performance, guessing who would win the prize for young musicians at this year’s festival, transport arrangements for the evening and the weirdnesses of growing up in a family of grand hoteliers.

The show will go on. By the time he died, Thierry had already sorted out the programme for the 2015 Sommets Musicaux, and his co-director Ombretta Ravessoud will undoubtedly keep everything running in its usual exemplary fashion.

Thierry used to relish pointing out that his name was (literally, in German) a joke. And indeed, he was a man with a great sense of humour. But he was also a serious and untiring lover of music, and a great friend. We will sorely miss him.