Marko Ivanović - EnchantiaKids event

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Janáček Theatre (Janáčkovo divadlo)Rooseveltova 1- 7, Brno, Southern Moravia, 602 00, Czech Republic
January 07 14:00, 18:00, January 08 14:00, 18:00, January 15 14:00, 18:00
Ivanović, Marko (b. 1976)Enchantia (Čarokraj)
Janáček Opera NTB
Marko IvanovićConductor
Ondrej OlosConductor
Matěj FormanSet Designer
Andrea SodomkováCostume Designer
Marta ReichelováSopranoPenelopeJan 07 mat, eve, 08 mat, eve
Lucie SilkenováSopranoPenelopeJan 15 mat
Dalibor TolašBaritoneParrot
Daniela Straková-ŠedrlováSopranoBook
Tereza Merklová KyzlinkováSopranoBook
Jan ŠťávaBassJunketbury
David NyklBass-baritoneChief Cockatrice
Zoltán KordaTenorChief Werewolf

A spellbinding entry into the world of opera for both children and parents. A journey to a strange land inhabited by weird and wonderful creatures and monsters, where unusual trees and curiously shaped flowers grow and strange laws of nature govern. Welcome to the fantastical world of the Forman brothers!

Enchantia is the realm of mythical and fantastic creatures whose existence has been documented for many years. The British explorer, naturalist and author Gerald Durrell (1925–1995) first introduced this fantasy world forty years ago in his novel The Talking Parcel. It tells the story of children who are transported to the strange land of Mythologia, which is inhabited by magical beings and animals and where extraordinary trees and flowers of incredible shapes and sizes grow. The magical land also has its own set of rules and laws invented by the wizard H.H. Junketbury. The secret entrance to this glorious world was discovered in the Greek mountains, where according to ancient mythology these magical creatures had once lived. In 2009 an independent team of explorers and scientists, led by the mythologists Marko Ivanović and brothers Petr and Matěj Forman (sons of Miloš Forman), searched for the entrance to this magical world of Enchantia...

You can enter Enchantia in two ways – the classic route through the main entrance of the Janáček Theatre or via a secret subterranean world. 

The National Theatre in Brno thanks the National Theatre for agreeing to the use of the score. The staging of the opera Enchantia was created for the production of the National Theatre in Prague.

Performed in the original Czech with Czech and English subtitles.

Special discounts for parents with children.

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