I had the pleasure of being invited to Utrecht for this September's Oudemuziek (Early Music) Festival. Here are a few photos to give you a flavour of the place.

The first is from the Speelklok Museum, devoted to mechanical musical instruments of all sizes, from miniature music boxes up to this one, a huge dance hall organ. 

Next is an image from "Jacob 3.0", a concert of the music of Utrecht scion Jacob van Eyck, a leading composer in his day for the improbable combination of recorder music and church carillons. The concert mixed Erik Bosgraaf playing recorders of many sizes with all manner of electronic stuff in the background.

Another view of the Grote Saal in the Tivoli Vredenburg complex, here being prepared for the Ensemble Correspondances concert the previous evening.

Every visitor to Utrecht knows the Dom Tower – after all, you can hardly miss it – but I liked this view of the other end of St Martin's Cathedral, a gothic extravaganza complete with flying buttresses.

Near the Central Station is the gigantic Hoog Catherijne shopping mall. I'm not sure I have a sweet enough tooth for the colourful array on show in this sweet shop, but the local children obviously did.

Finally, you can't really do the Netherlands without canals, so here's the Oudegracht at night.


David's trip was sponsored by the Utrecht Early Music Festival and Residenties in Utrecht.