After a hot, humid spell, the storms had to break. Many composers have unleashed a fair few musical storms as well, so drench yourselves in this tempestuous selection!

 One of the most infamous storms arrives to interrupt the peasants’ merrymaking in Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony:


Verdi’s penultimate opera Otello opens with a terrific storm over Cyprus as Otello arrives, victorious over the Turks. Few Otellos are as exultant as Jon Vickers:


Another storm at sea takes place in Vivaldi’s violin concerto La tempesta di mare, performed here by Giuliano Carmignola:

Rossini wrote several storms – The Barber of Seville and La Cenerentola both feature them as interludes, but perhaps his most celebrated storm crashes into the Overture to William Tell, after the serene cello introduction:



Berlioz’ epic opera The Trojans features a terrific storm sequence which opens Act IV, as Dido and Aeneas seek shelter from the tempest whilst out hunting:


The storm in Richard Strauss’ Alpine Symphony is pretty spectacular. Herbert von Karajan conducts the Berlin Philharmonic.


Happy listening - watch out for lightning!