Our Editor (not the truest likeness...)
Our Editor (not the truest likeness...)
Here's a little quiz for some Friday fun put together by our fiendish editor. The idea is that we offer you a few composers and you have to find the link between them, relating to their compositions.

For example, on Twitter, we started with a very easy quartet: Schumann, Delius, Copland and Bax. They allo composed works with 'Spring' in the title:


Schumann: Spring Symphony

Delius: On hearing the first cuckoo in spring

Copland: Appalachian Spring

Bax: Spring Fire


Now, it's time for today's round (1 August). Can you link these five composers (and name the works concerned) from these visual clues?


Clue 1:





Clue 2:






Clue 3:








Clue 4:






Clue 5:






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