On Saturday 17th January 2009, I went to see 'When Words Sing' the annual concert performed by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, because it was a family concert, I went with my dad who had accompanied me to the 'Music Maze' the previous weekend, which I really enjoyed. I loved the folk songs, because it mixed some classical music with all the new music, I loved the mythical creatures songs as they made me feel excited and were very good, but best of all was Stripsody which was different, brilliant and very cool. Also getting the audience involved when I am a story in sound was performed was a great idea. I would definitely go to another concert next year and I give it 4.25 stars out of 5. My advice – get better seats!

Sam Quinn, 11, from Hall Green.


On Saturday 17th January at 1.30pm me and my family headed in to Birmingham to the CBSO Centre to see BCMG perform 'When Words Sing,' a lively concert that keeps you thinking about what comes next.

One of my favourite parts was when the music and songs from different countries was linked with pictures on a big screen and also the amazing voices of three very different vocal styles.

In the Hums and Songs of Winnie the Pooh there were pictures of Winnie the Pooh climbing a tree on the big screen while the singer's voice climbed to the highest pitch I have ever heard!

Young families would enjoy this type of relaxed concert that included audience participation from young and old. This was not my first visit to a BCMG event and the CBSO Centre and a good time was had by all. I would give this event 4 stars.

Helen Johnston, 13, from Birmingham.

Both these reviewers sent their reviews to the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. They attended a BCMG Family concert entitled 'When Words Sing' on Saturday 17 January 2009. The pieces performed were a mixture of folk and classical songs by Luciano Berio, John Woolrich, Peter Wiegold, Oliver Knussen, Erollyn Wallen and others.