On Monday the 11th of June I went to see a performance of Mister Stourworm and the Kelpie’s gift. The whole of school was there and there were many other visitors. It took place in Demarco Skateraw gallery, a short distance from our school. There were lots of people already sitting around the room and there was different art on the walls of the gallery. When we arrived most of the space was filed and we could see the orchestra set out. I don’t often watch classical performances but although I had seen the Scottish orchestra once before and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We heard a few pieces by the orchestra first including the full Harry Potter theme tune which everyone really enjoyed and it was very good and when the orchestra bowed everyone clapped, then the story was introduced. We had all heard that Billy Boyd would be reading the tale and we were all excited to see him. When he stepped onto the podium everyone was quiet, we didn’t know what to wait for. Suddenly the orchestra started up and images came onto the projection screen. The room went silent and everyone was waiting to hear the story in the story.

The story started, the music was fairly calm as an explanation of the background of Tiree and how the town’s people wanted to stop the monster and be free. Then the main character Coran was introduced and the story became exciting. The artwork on the tale was brilliant, really vivid and helped to understand the legend more. It was really magical when the faerie queen appeared you could almost felt as if she was in the room when the kelpie appeared it wasn’t what I expected and the orchestra really made the creature seem dark and threatening.

I think the most exciting part was when Coran fought Misterstourworm, everyone was on edge and with the orchestra’s strong music behind the words ,the fairy-tale was so realistic.

The music really related to what was being said and shown and think it made the whole thing a lot better. Once the story was over everyone clapped and cheered, it was definitely better than I had expected.

It was my second experience of classical music, and I really enjoyed it, I hoped others felt the same.

Rebecca, age 13, Dunbar Grammar School

Rebecca went to the launch of Mister Stourworm at the Skateraw Foundation, East Lothian on 9th June 2008. It was performed by the Orchestra of Scottish Opera, and Billy Boyd.