I went to see “The Enchanted Pig” at the Linbury Theatre, at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never been to a musical or an opera. The nearest thing I’ve been to is a pantomime!

The director was called John Fulljames and the man who wrote the words to the songs was called Alasdair Middleton.

When I arrived at the Opera House I thought it was quite posh but I forgot about that when I went into the actual theatre. The stage set was amazing. It looked like a beautiful silver castle and the floor had circular sections that moved with the signs of the horoscope on it. The ceiling had planets hanging down and at the back there were three wedding dresses hanging up in the sky. When I first sat down I could hear music but I couldn’t see the orchestra. Then I realised they were half hidden under the stage. I went to have a look, and the orchestra was quite unusual. There were no violins, only a cello and a double bass. There was also a harp, trombone, percussion and accordion.

The opera started with three princesses, with towering beehive wigs, sewing and singing about finding true love. I thought there would be some talking, but there wasn’t any. Everything was sung, and not in a way that I have heard before.

The story was a bit like a fairy story. It reminded me of Shrek and Beauty and the Beast. It was about three princesses who had been told not to go into a room in their palace, where there was a ‘Book of Fate’. The princesses disobeyed their father and went into the room and the book told them of their fate. The two oldest princesses, Mab and Dot were going to marry kings but the youngest daughter, Flora was going to marry a pig!

And of course, the book was right. But Flora’s pig was enchanted. He was only a pig during the day. At night he was a man. Only Flora’s love could release him from the spell. Flora’s love is tested by an old woman who wants the pig for her own daughter. Flora has to walk the earth and the galaxies looking for her husband. Only when she has worn out 3 pairs or iron shoes can she release him from the spell.

The singing was amazing and very beautiful. I had never heard people singing like that before. It sounded lovely. The words were easy to understand and sometimes they were really funny. The opera was definitely way more funny than I expected. The kings wore super hero outfits and when they went to war they wore capes and boxing gloves!

One of my favourite bits was a scene where Flora meets the North Wind and his wife in their home. Their home was very wonky because of the wind. The old couple argue and insult each other but at the end of their song you realise that they love each other very much.

My favourite singer was Flora, who was played by Karina Lucas. The actress who played Mab, Kate Nelson, was the one who made me laugh the most.

I would definitely go to another opera or musical. It was a pleasure to go and I really loved the story and the singing.

Kimberley Crisfield age 8

Kimberley went to the Royal Opera House, Linbury Studio on 11th December 2009 and saw The Enchanted Pig, with music by Jonathon Dove.

Photo of Michelle Cornelius as Dot, Kate Nelson as Mab and Karina Lucas as Flora, credit: Catherine Ashmore