Berwaldhallen in Stockholm is home to over 100 outstanding musicians of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1936. All of their concerts are broadcast live across the country, and consequently the orchestra serves as a symphony orchestra not just for its capital city but for the whole of Sweden.

The unique and exemplary sound of the ensemble has been fashioned and honed over many years by a series of world-class principal conductors. Today the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra enjoys an enviable position amongst the world’s greatest orchestras. Thanks to the leadership and dedication of the current Music Director, Daniel Harding, the orchestra is rapidly earning accolades as one of the most interesting and versatile orchestras on any stage.

As well as making its mark with established and celebrated repertoire, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is strongly committed to playing and recording contemporary music and as a result regularly commis­sions new works by Swedish and international composers. The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra frequently tours across the world, receiving invitations from major international festivals and concert halls.

This season, Music Director Daniel Harding and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra have invited leading artists, mathematicians, philosophers, physicists, authors and other thinkers to Berwaldhallen to give you a completely unique experience with music as a unifying force. Interplay is twelve events and as many concerts, some interlinked and some independent. The connec­tions are always natural, even if they are not necessarily obvious at first glance. There are many similarities between great thoughts and great music.

Quite simply, it's all about being interested. But not about being interested in anything specific; instead it's about being interested in general. Being curious about new constellations and different ways of looking at things. Because it is in differences that the interplay starts and becomes truly exciting. Everything is connected.

"Interplay is a long extravaganza of music, art and ideas taking place in Stockholm during the concert season 2014/2015. A season where ideas thrive and music is heard afresh. A season of performance and interaction, informed by the inspiration of contrast and collaboration. A symphony of creative interplay between artists, academics, scientists and philosophers." Daniel Harding, Music Director