If you’ve ever benefitted from the “digital concert hall” – the online realm of live streams and on demand videos – it’s very hard to tell who else is in the audience. When we launched Bachtrack At Home, our intention was to help connect people around the world who enjoy the videos on the site. So, we’re featuring the users of Bachtrack At Home to find a little more about them. Introducing a user who goes by the name “sphericon”...

Frankfurt © photomek | Wikimedia Commons
© photomek | Wikimedia Commons

BT: Which town do you live in, and what do you do?

S: Near Frankfurt, Germany. I am retired, not working.

When was the first time you attended a concert? What can you remember about it?

As a teenager: it was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

Out of all the concerts you’ve attended in your life, which performance stands out the most?

The opera Koma by composer Georg Friedrich Haas at Schwetzinger Festival 2016 was really fantastic. I was sitting in absolute darkness.

Who are your favourite composers?

Rameau and Philip Glass. They are geniuses.

Who are your favourite performers, and why?

Emőke Baráth, Stéphanie d’Oustrac, Anna Prohaska, Andreas Scholl, Daniel Hope, Hilary Hahn, Sven Helbig, because they are all great artists.

How did you come across Bachtrack At Home?

I was searching for classical platforms providing live streams.

What was the last video you watched on Bachtrack At Home?

A live concert stream from Gothenburg Symphony.

What are your favourite video performances you’ve seen at Bachtrack At Home, and why?

I only watch live streams! I like to see live classical concerts from all over the world, where I cannot be personally present. 

How do you watch videos on Bachtrack At Home?

Only on a PC, using headphones.

Do you sit down to watch an entire piece or do you watch bits of videos?

The entire live stream.

What time of day do you generally watch videos on Bachtrack At Home, and do you enjoy a drink or some food when doing so?

5pm or later, sometimes with tea and macadamia nuts.

Do you watch with friends/family or on your own?

On my own.

What’s a piece of music that you would recommend to anyone who is trying to find a way into classical music?

Most people already are familiar with classical music without realising it. Arias used in TV and radio ads would be a good starting point.

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