The concert started off with Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture. This great piece of music was played brilliantly by the Brighton Philharmonic, with lots of charismatic energy and colour. The fast, lively passages of violin runs in particular were perfectly performed, with outstanding accuracy and technical ability. However, these more vibrant sections were paired with the slower, woodwind based interludes of the Fidelio Overture, which were beautifully played by the Brighton Philharmonic’s woodwind section, creating a wonderful, sonorous sound to fill the auditorium. In addition to this, the large amount of horns present for this piece definitely had an effect – the amazing harmonies between the horns Beethoven creates was once again pulled off brilliantly by the section. The conductor Barry Wordsworth crafted his interpretation of the work with skill and expertise, creating a performance that was quite outstanding!

The next piece was Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano, performed by the Dimension Trio, along with the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra. This is an incredible piece to watch being performed by this trio – the technical demand of it really shows off the quality of their musicianship! The first movement starts with a relatively lengthy introduction from the orchestra, followed by the cellist’s first moment in the spotlight, and from this point onwards I thought the cellist in particular was incredible. His treatment of the ridiculously high ranges and absurdly fast runs was incredible, and it definitely makes you want to practice! The pianist and the violinist were also brilliant however, and together this trio made a very entertaining performance for me to watch!

Finally, the Philharmonic played Brahms’ Fourth Symphony in E minor. This dramatic and moving work was wonderfully conducted by Barry Wordsworth, and the playing was incredible. Every emotion seemed to be captured perfectly, and I cannot wait to see them perform it again!

Oliver Pickard, aged 15

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth with the Dimension Trio Beethoven Fideli Overture, Op.72 Beethoven Triple Concerto, Op.56 Brahms Symphony n. 4, Op.98 Brighton Dome Sunday 2nd October 2011