All of the reviews from our Young Reviewers offer fantastic insight into a teenager's experience of listening and seeing classical music performed in front of them. For many, it's the very first time they have done this.

Put together, the reviews give excellent reasons why as a promoter you should support the programme and as a teenager you should apply. Here are some extracts of reviews that caught my imagination: since every review is different and offers unique insights, it has been very, very difficult to select only a short number!

The place

When I arrived at Wigmore Hall, I was surprised at the size of it – I expected it to be really big, but it was much smaller than I had imagined. However, this in a way made the concert more personal.

Entering Kings Place you are astonished by the white walls, high ceiling and sparkling glass windows. There is a sense of calm shadowing the place, as it is very open.

As I approached the Royal Albert Hall, I noticed the beautiful architecture of the building. The experience of being there in London was amazing!

The playing

The violins started the concerto but when Lang Lang started to play it was almost as if the sound of the piano emerged out of the violin..

...three opera singers... shocked me to the limit. Their singing was breath-taking! When they all sang together, the sound filled the hall in such a dramatic way that everyone was completely silent, waiting for what was going to happen next!

I didn’t know how much classical music I knew. I noticed at one point the music from the Galaxy adverts. I heard lots of “Tom and Jerry” type music. It was interesting to see how an orchestra plays that type of music; I’ll never watch cartoons without seeing an orchestra in the background.

At the end the dark blue sound of the cello..gave the piece a definite modern feel.

The stillness of the audience, moved by the poignant first movement, which opened the work almost like a funeral march, created an intense atmosphere which remained unbroken even with the interruption of a crying baby – a child clearly affected by such powerful music!

The dancing made me feel very happy and excited. But at the sad bits I actually felt very sad...As a ballet dancer myself it makes me wish I could dance like that. Maybe one day!

The pianists

One moment the pianist was playing softly and before I knew it, the music was so loud and very fast, it shocked me! I found it marvellous and stunning when [Freddy Kempf] played a very fast and high-pitched piece of the music that was enchanting and angelic. favourite part of the night was the piano playing by Nicholas Angelich... because I found his playing mind-blowing and technically brilliant! I think the piano and the orchestra sounded fantastic together, and the sound filled the room with delight.

The pianist’s hands were so light on the keys that it was like air moving smoothly across your fingers.

The aftermath

Overall it was an awe-inspiring performance by everyone involved, with more energy than anything I have ever experienced.

I now really want to go to more concerts and have already begun looking. I think I’m hooked!

Clapping exploded around me, and the orchestra bowed. The concert hall filled with the sound of the audience clapping wildly, enraptured at the end of a magical evening.

I am so glad that I took part in this programme, as I had a chance to watch and listen to music I otherwise wouldn’t necessarily listen to. I hope that others - if the opportunity is given to them - will take it, even if it is just to experience something different.