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Albert Pinkham Ryder's The Flying Dutchman © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

10 facts about Der fliegende Holländer

Ahead of Bergen Philharmonic and Bergen National Opera’s live-streamed performance of the work, we cover the need-to-knows.
August Weger's 19th century engraving of Bach © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

10 major Bach works on Bachtrack At Home

There’s a range of works by Bach on Bachtrack At Home. Here, we explore 10 of the best. 
Wagner in 1861 © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

Wagner and the Wesendonck-Lieder

The object of his desires, the wife of Wagner’s patron proved an important collaborator. 
James Warren Childe's portrait of Felix Mendelssohn © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

Mendelssohn on tour

In the 1800s as it is now, it was normal for young people to travel around Europe. But the young Felix Mendelssohn was no ordinary traveller. 
© Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

Josef Kotek and Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto

Ahead of Gothenburg Symphony's stream on 19 January, we look at Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and the musician who inspired it. 
Hugo Hagen's bust statue of Beethoven © Library of Congress | Wikimedia Commons

The At Home Guide to Beethoven’s Ninth

Before our Concert Club event on 2 January 2018, we look at the changing fortunes of Beethoven’s “Choral” Symphony. 
Serious young man: Sibelius in 1892 by Eero Järnefelt © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

The story of Finlandia

Ahead of Gothenburg Symphony's concert celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence, we look at the story of Sibelius's Finlandia
Photo of Gustav Mahler by Moriz Nähr © Wikimedia Commons | Public domain

The At Home Guide to Mahler’s Sixth Symphony

Ahead of Gothenburg Symphony’s live streamed performance of the work on 1st December, we look at the story behind Mahler’s Sixth Symphony. 
Arne Nordheim in 1968 © Wikimedia Commons | Municipal Archives of Trondheim

The At Home Guide to contemporary Norwegian music

From electroacoustic experiments to bombastic timpani concertos, Norwegian composers produce some of the most interesting music on the contemporary scene. 
Turner's The Fighting Temeraire, 1839 © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

Six works inspired by the sea

Ahead of our online Concert Club event on 24th October, we look at Peter Grimes and other works inspired by the sea. 
Giovanni Boldini's portait of Verdi © Public domain | Wikimedia Commons

Disbelieving Composers, Sacred Music

Ahead of Gothenburg Symphony's live stream of Verdi's Requiem, we take a look at non-religious composers' relationship to the sacred. 
Hermann von Kaulbach's Mozart's Last Days, 1873 © Wikimedia Commons | Public domain

Mozart’s Last Year and the Requiem

Mozart’s final months and Requiem mass are a source of popular fascination. But was 1791 really his annus horribilis
Jean Sibelius in 1913, photograph by Daniel Nyblin © Wikimedia Commons

Totally Epic: Sibelius and the Kalevala

Jean Sibelius frequently looked to the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, for inspiration. Here, we look at how it figured in his music. 
Berlioz in 1832 by Émile Signol © Wikimedia Commons

The story of Symphonie Fantastique

Berlioz had a rather trying time while he was composing Symphonie fantastique. Here, we take a look at his amorous obsessions. 
St Mary's Church in Lübeck, where Buxtehude was organist from 1668 to 1707 © Arnold Paul | Wikimedia Commons

Bach and Buxtehude

In 1705, a 20-year-old Bach set off on a arduous, 400 km journey to Lübeck to hear the music of master organist Dietrich Buxtehude.
Photograph of Benjamin Britten by Frank Wild, 1968 © Public Domain

Britten and his Influences

Benjamin Britten is widely thought of as one of the finest composers that Britain has ever produced. Yet his relationship with much of the music of his native country was terse to say the least. 
Young, serious Schoenberg in 1903 © Wikimedia Commons

Schoenberg before serialism

Schoenberg is known as the inventor of serialism, but he also worked in lush Romanticism and anguished Expressionism. This At Home Guide explores his early work with reference to related videos on Bachtrack At Home. 
The Concert, 1623 © Gerard van Honthorst | Public domain

Early Music and its Revival

Both as a generic term and as a mode of performance, Early music has a convoluted history. This At Home Guide explores how Early music turned from a forgotten repertoire to a living practice.
The nave and organ in Göttweig Abbey Church, Austria © Wikimedia Commons

The Evolution of Organ Music

In the next instalment of the At Home Guide, we look at the evolution of organ music, using Bachtrack At Home videos to illustrate the journey. 
Wagner and Bruckner © Pierre Petit / Otto Schmitt

Bruckner and the shadow of Wagner

Anton Bruckner's veneration for Wagner is well-documented. But how did Wagner's influence actualy manifest in the Austrian composer's work?
Richard Berg's Nordic Summer Evening © Wikimedia Commons

Nordic Music Beyond The Hits

The Nordic countries have produced some of the best-known works in the classical canon. But there is a wealth of music in the work of the region's four main composers that remains underappreciated. 
Adelaide Giuri and Mikhail Mordkin in Alexander Gorsky's Swan Lake in 1901 © Public domain

How Ballet Music Took Centre Stage

This week's At Home Guide explores how ballet music evolved from a sideshow to a well-respected artform. Click on the links to listen while you read. 
Portrait of Richard Strauss in 1918 © Max Liebermann | Public domain

The At Home Guide to tone poems

In the second instalment of our Bachtrack At Home Guide, we take a look at the vibrant world of the symphonic poem. 
Arnold Schönberg Choir © Rudi Handl

A tour through the history of choral music

Welcome to the first instalment of our regular At Home Guide, in which we discuss what’s new on Bachtrack At Home and guide you through the wonderful performances in our ever-growing archive.