We would love you to link your web site to Bachtrack. Here are some examples of links you can use.

Simple text link to our home page


HTML code: <a href='http://bachtrack.com'>bachtrack.com</a>


Image link to our home page

Link to Bachtrack

HTML code: <a href='http://bachtrack.com'><img src='http://bachtrack.com/files/1083-8-bachtrack_logo_120.png' alt='Link to Bachtrack'/></a>


Linking to an "about" page

When the user clicks on this, he is taken to an "about" page which contains listings, reviews and other information about a particular subject, which could be a performer, a composer, a city or many other things. Here are some examples of "about" page links:





Here is an example of the last link, shown as a picture link:

Find London Symphony Orchestra on Bachtrack

HTML code: <a href='http://bachtrack.com/performer/london-symphony-orchestra'><img src='http://bachtrack.com/files/1083-9-find_us_on_bachtrack_120.png' alt='Find London Symphony Orchestra on Bachtrack'/></a>