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Petrushka / L'Enfant et les sortilègesNew Production

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Komische Oper BerlinBehrenstraße 55-57, Berlín, Berlin, Alemania
Fechas/horas en zona horaria de Berlin
Komische Oper Berlin
Markus PoschnerDirector
Suzanne AndradeDirector de escena
Pia LeongDiseño de escena
1927Diseño de vestuario
Nadja MchantafSopranoThe Child
Brigitte GellerSopranoBat, Shepherdess
Julia GiebelSopranoFire, Nightingale, Princess
Mirka WagnerMezzosopranoOwl, The armchair
Maria FiselierMezzosopranoCat (female), Squirrel
Ezgi KutluMezzosopranoChina Cup, Dragonfly, Mother
Ivan TuršićTenorLittle old man, Tree frog, Wedgwood teapot
Denis MiloBajoCat (male), Clock
Carsten SabrowskiBajoChair, Tree
Esme AppletonDirector de escena
Katrin KathDiseño de vestuario
Ulrich LenzDramaturgia
Diego LeetzDiseño de iluminación
Paul BarrittVideo Artist
Tiago Alexandre FonescaAcrobacia
Pauliina RäsänenAcrobacia
Slava VolkovAcrobacia
Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin

Following the breath-taking success of the Magic Flute, which has set out from Berlin to take the whole world by storm, the British theatre group »1927« is returning to the Komische Oper Berlin – with two works which seem almost to have been written for the absolutely boundless imaginations of these image-conjurers and their astonishing combination of animation and live performances by actors ...

In Stravinsky's ballet burlesque, three puppets are brought to life by their sadistic puppet-master – the delicate ballerina, the coarse but warm-hearted muscleman and the clumsy clown Petrushka. Continuously exhibited and tortured by his master, Petrushka finally manages to escape. Yet his long-yearned-for freedom does not last long ...
By contrast, the ill-mannered and destructive child in Ravel's surreal and fantastical fantaise lyrique experiences a living nightmare when the objects maltreated by him, such as an armchair, teapot and wallpaper, come to life and set about their tormentor.

In rapid, revue-like sequence, Ravel uses richly impressionistic colours to paint an array of different characters – from the Chinese cup and hectically ticking grandfather clock to the mourning fairytale princess. With rich, traditional sounds, Stravinsky describes the colourful goings-on at the fair, finds delicate notes for his ballerina, powerful sounds for the muscleman and mercurial, clown-like melodies for the freedom-loving Petrushka. Stage, sounds, singers and acrobats meld into an experience which intoxicates all the senses.

Ticket costs: 12 - 92 €

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