At home: Gürzenich Orchestra

At home at the Philharmonie in Cologne and resident orchestra at the Opera of Cologne, the Gürzenich Orchestra can be experienced more and more outside of the concert hall.

The Gürzenich Orchestra’s roots go back to as far as the 15th century as the ensemble of the cities’ cathedral and received its current name in 1857 as referral to “the Gürzenich” – a concert hall. Today, the orchestra gives about 50 concerts a year as well as all opera performances at the Cologne Opera House. Since the arrival of Chief Conductor François-Xavier Roth in September 2015, the orchestra has expanded their activities to schools, residencies and daycare centres for the elderly. The streaming service GO PLUS takes the orchestra to audiences anywhere in the world with five live streamed concerts scheduled in the upcoming 2017-18 season fully integrated into Bachtrack At Home.


Bruckner - Symphony no. 4

Bruckner: Symphony no. 4 in E flat major, "Romantic", WAB 104
Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth

Interview with François-Xavier Roth

Ahead of Gürzenich Orchestra's live stream on 3rd October, we caught up with Chief Conductor François-Xavier Roth. 
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CologneBruckner - Symphony No. 8

Bruckner: Symphony no. 8 in C minor, WAB 108
Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth

CologneLachenmann - Tableau, for orchestra

Lachenmann: Tableau, for orchestra
Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth

CologneSaint-Saëns Portrait

Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth; Daniel Roth; Jean-Francois Heisser

ColognePhilippe Manoury - Ring

Manoury: Ring
Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth
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CologneSymphony Concert 6

Boulez, Beethoven, Bartók
Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth; Benjamin Grosvenor

CologneSymphony Concert 7

Debussy, Bartók, Wagner, Ligeti, Ravel
Gürzenich Orchestra; Nicholas Collon; Nils Mönkemeyer

CologneSymphony Concert 11

Rimsky-Korsakov, Taneyev, Rachmaninov
Gürzenich Orchestra; Petr Fiala; Anna Samuil; Dmytro Popov; Tschechischer Philharmonischer Chor Brünn; Dmitri Kitayenko

CologneSymphony Concert 12

Mendelssohn, Manoury, Beethoven
Gürzenich Orchestra; François-Xavier Roth; Emmanuel Pahud