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Dvořák, Krása, Klein, Janáček

Rudolfinum: Dvořák HallAlšovo nábřeží 12, Prague, Central Bohemian Region, Praha 1, République tchèque
Dates/horaires selon le fuseau horaire de Prague
mercredi 23 novembre 202219:30
jeudi 24 novembre 202219:30
vendredi 25 novembre 202219:30

I only recently added Antonín Dvořák’s Evening
Songs to my repertoire. Although I already
knew them from the conservatoire, until now
I haven’t had the opportunity to begin performing them regularly. The reason why the Evening
Songs are less well known than other Dvořák
songs is apparently that they vary in quality.
Among them are some real pearls along with
some less distinctive numbers. From the several opuses into which the songs are divided,
I have chosen the songs that seem to me to be
the most interesting and the strongest musically. First I performed them with piano, then later
I asked the excellent Czech composer Jiří Gemrot to orchestrate them. The result is the collection to be heard at these subscription concerts,
to which we have also added two songs from
Opus 2, which are also exceptionally effective.
I hope they will reach a far wider range of listeners thanks to the orchestral arrangement. Firstly, song recitals have always been something of
a minority genre, and secondly, many singers
around the world will certainly want to choose
this arrangement because they will be able to
sing Dvořák’s Evening Songs with orchestra.

Hans Krása belongs to a group of Jewish composers whose works were preserved only in archives and have never been published. That is
also how we discovered the score of the Four
Orchestral Songs, which to the contrary do
not exist in a piano version. Completing the
evening’s musical spectrum is Gideon Klein’s
Lullaby, also orchestrated by Jiří Gemrot. I’m
really looking forward to the concert because
unlike my husband, I don’t hear music immediately just from looking at the score. I’m very
curious about what the songs will sound like
and how the audience will like them. 

Czech Philharmonic
novembre 2022
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