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Vidéo à la demande: Scoop's SpaceJeune public

Regardez en ligne suré à Little Angel Theatre, Londres, Royaume-uni
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Discover a story about the things we throw away. 

The piece will showcase Scoop's secret space - a place where she gathers and stores all of the interesting things that other people throw away, and uses them to tell to tell stories. This digital retelling is inspired by the theatre’s 2018 production of Junk which transformed their Studio space into a recycling centre and took audiences on a magical journey through the plant, including Scoop's Space. The original production featured set and puppets made entirely out of recycled materials - including Bertie the bonle, jellyfish made from plastic bags, a sewer rat made from old slippers and a giant umbrella octopus. 

During its closure period, Little Angel Theatre has been releasing daily resources showing families how they can use recycled materials such as egg boxes, cardboard, newspaper and even coffee capsules to make their own puppets at home. It is hoped that this performance will highlight the magic that can be found in every day objects and further inspire children to get creative with the ‘junk’ that we can all find around our homes. 

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