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Romantic Start to Finish

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LighthousePoole, South-West, BH15 1UG, Royaume-uni
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No-one really knows why Schubert never finished his B minor symphony. With numerous other aborted fragments it may well have been that he was growing dissatisfied with symphonic form as he had been practicing it and was striving for something on a far larger scale, something to compare with the dramatic energy and scope shown by Beethoven. But with these two most perfect movements, Schubert ushered in the age of the Romantic symphony – the variety and immediacy of the themes suffusing the work are breathtaking.

It is powerful, satisfying music; perhaps it was left unfinished because it could not, need not be finished. In the case of Bruckner’s final symphony, even though it too was never completed, the issue of valediction is not mere conjecture. Whatever Bruckner’s intentions were for his Ninth when he began working on it, it turned out to be a clearly defined gesture of farewell. The sense of closure and finality is great, as if he unconsciously knew that this was the last music he would write.

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