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Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)

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List of works
11 Bagatelles for piano, Op.11912 Variations for piano on the Russian dance from "Das Waldmädchen", WoO 7115 Variations and fugue for piano in E flat major "Eroica Variations", Op.3524 Variations for piano 'on Vincenzio Righini's aria "Venni Amore"', WoO 6532 Variations on an original theme in C minor for piano, WoO 8033 Variations for piano in C major "Diabelli Variations", Op.1206 Bagatelles for piano, Op.1266 Variations on an original theme for piano in D major, Op.766 Variations on an original theme for piano in F major, Op.347 Bagatelles for piano, Op.337 Variations for cello and piano on "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen", WoO 46Adelaïde, Op.46Ah! perfido, Op.65An die ferne Geliebte, Op.98Aus Goethe's Faust, Op.75 no.3Bagatelle WoO52Beethoven-Projekt IICello Sonata no. 3 in A major, Op.69Cello Sonata no. 4 in C major, Op.102 no.1Cello Sonata no. 5 in D major, Op.102 no.2Chansons écossaises, irlandaises et galloisesCoriolan Overture, Op.62Das GeheimnisDie Weihe des Hauses (The consecration of the House): Overture, Op.124Duo for viola and cello "mit zwei obligaten Augengläsern", WoO 32Egmont, Op.84: OvertureEroica VariationsFantasia in C minor for piano, chorus, and orchestra "Choral Fantasy", Op.80FidelioFidelio, Op.72: OvertureGrosse FugeIn Sonne verwandeltLeonore Overture no. 1, Op.138Leonore Overture no. 2, Op.72aLeonore Overture no. 3, Op.72bLieder: selectionMaigesang, Op.52 no.4Mailied, Op.52 no.4Mass in C major, Op.86Mass in D major, “Missa solemnis”, Op.123Neue Liebe neues Leben, Op.75 no.2Piano Concerto no. 1 in C major, Op.15Piano Concerto no. 2 in B flat major, Op.19Piano Concerto no. 3 in C minor, Op.37Piano Concerto no. 4 in G major, Op.58Piano Concerto no. 5 in E flat major "Emperor", Op.73Piano Fantasia in G minor, Op.77Piano Sonata no. 10 in G major, Op.14 no.2Piano Sonata no. 14 in C sharp minor "Moonlight", Op.27 no.2Piano Sonata no. 17 in D minor "Tempest", Op.31 no.2Piano Sonata no. 18 in E flat major "Hunt", Op.31 no.3Piano Sonata no. 2 in A major, Op.2 no.2Piano Sonata no. 21 in C major "Waldstein", Op.53Piano Sonata no. 22 in F major, Op.54Piano Sonata no. 23 in F minor "Appassionata", Op.57Piano Sonata no. 24 in F sharp major "A Thérèse", Op.78Piano Sonata no. 26 in E flat major "Les Adieux", Op.81aPiano Sonata no. 27 in E minor, Op.90Piano Sonata no. 28 in A major, Op.101Piano Sonata no. 29 in B flat major "Hammerklavier", Op.106Piano Sonata no. 3 in C major, Op.2 no.3Piano Sonata no. 30 in E major, Op.109Piano Sonata no. 31 in A flat major, Op.110Piano Sonata no. 32 in C minor, Op.111Piano Sonata no. 5 in C minor, Op.10 no.1Piano Sonata no. 7 in D major, Op.10 no.3Piano Sonata no. 8 in C minor "Pathétique", Op.13Piano Trio no. 1 in E flat major, Op.1 no.1Piano Trio no. 3 in C minor, Op.1 no.3Piano Trio no. 5 in D major "Ghost", Op.70 no.1Piano Trio no. 6 in E flat major, Op.70 no.2Piano Trio no. 7 in B flat major "Archduke", Op.97Piano Trio no. 9 in B flat major, WoO 39Prelude and Fugue for String QuintetQuintet for Piano and Winds in E flat major, Op.16Romance for Violin and Orchestra no. 1 in G major, Op.40Romance for Violin and Orchestra no. 2 in F major, Op.50Septet in E flat major, Op.20Sextet in E flat major, Op.81bString Quartet in F major (arr of Piano Sonata Op.14 no.1), Hess 34String Quartet no. 1 in F major, Op.18 no.1String Quartet no. 10 in E flat major, "Harp", Op.74String Quartet no. 11 in F minor, "Serioso", Op.95String Quartet no. 12 in E flat major, Op.127String Quartet no. 13 in B flat major, Op.130String Quartet no. 13 in B flat major, Op.130: CavatinaString Quartet no. 14 in C sharp minor, Op.131String Quartet no. 15 in A minor, Op.132String Quartet no. 16 in F major, Op.135String Quartet no. 16 in F major, Op.135: Lento assai, cantante e tranquilloString Quartet no. 2 in G major, Op.18 no.2String Quartet no. 3 in D major, Op.18 no.3String Quartet no. 4 in C minor, Op.18 no.4String Quartet no. 5 in A major, Op.18 no.5String Quartet no. 6 in B flat major, Op.18 no.6String Quartet no. 7 in F major, "Razumovsky", Op.59 no.1String Quartet no. 8 in E minor, "Razumovsky", Op.59 no.2String Quartet no. 9 in C major, "Razumovsky", Op.59 no.3String Quartet, Op.130 with Grosse Fuge, Op.133String Trio in G major, Op.9 no.1Symphony no. 1 in C major, Op.21Symphony no. 2 in D major, Op.36Symphony no. 3 in E flat major "Eroica", Op.55Symphony no. 3 in E flat major "Eroica", Op.55: FinaleSymphony no. 4 in B flat major, Op.60Symphony no. 5 in C minor, Op.67Symphony no. 6 in F major "Pastoral", Op.68Symphony no. 7Symphony no. 7 in A major, Op.92Symphony no. 8 in F major, Op.93Symphony no. 9 in D minor "Choral", Op.125Symphony no. 9 in D minor "Choral", Op.125: Ode to Joy finaleThe Creatures of PrometheusThe Creatures of Prometheus, Op.43: OvertureTriple Concerto for Violin, Cello, and Piano in C major, Op.56Violin Concerto in D major, Op.61Violin Sonata No. 4 in A minor, Op.23Violin Sonata no. 1 in D major, Op.12 no.1Violin Sonata no. 10 in G major, Op.96Violin Sonata no. 5 in F major "Fruhling (Spring)", Op.24Violin Sonata no. 9 in A major "Kreutzer", Op.47Vom Tode, Op.48 no.3Wellingtons Sieg oder die Schlacht bei Vittoria (Wellington's Victory, or The Battle of Vitoria), Op.91Wind Octet in E flat major, Op.103Wonne der Wehmut, Op.83 no.1